Youth Zone

youth zoneACES initial project, in the Woodwynd, centred around a weekly youth club. This still remains a very popular part of the Woodwynd project. With around 50–60 kids attending the youth club each week.

The club offers a wide range of activities which include: Hockey; Archery; Dodgeball; Basketball; Indoor Football; shinty, Arts & Crafts; Gardening; Active Games Consoles; Pool.

The coaches have also introduced bouncy football which involves bouncy hoppers and goals on a large mat, and other twists to keep the enjoyment at a high level. The kids also work with the local community council and clean the area up each year.

ACES promotes healthy eating and a fruit tuck shop is held twice a month, with only fruit and flavoured water sold to the kids. The weekly cost is £1.50 with tuck shop optional, the funds raised are used to pay hall costs and buy equipment. The ages covered by the youth club is 6-12 years. With a teen zone for older kids on a Sunday.

keeping kilwinning tidy

getting artistic

football practice