The coaches of ACES visit canton michigan for their 30th Canton cup. During the visit the coaches worked with six teams and helped out with the u13 girls who eventually won the cup! the girls soon got used to the shouts of hie sir ! and whits that aw aboot, as well as gies a brek ref and other choice phrases, soon the full backs were shouting HEEEEDIE and emptyyyyy. the coaches also visit the big house which is michigan uni football stadium with 117,900 capacity and even got to kick field goals on the park. After a tour of the stadium it was over to tim and britta for a reunion of all the families that had came to scotland in 2011. we also visited buffalo wild wings and tried other American food, the last day was a trip on the lake in a speed boat with a meal to finish. Thanks guys we had a ball. We look forward to returning the gesture next year when the u13's will come to visit us.